Buying a House with a Stucco Exterior

Stucco homes have a certain type of character you can’t get from many run-of-the-mill houses in Virginia. Plus, synthetic stucco—also known as Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)—offers many energy-efficient benefits you can’t find from other home exteriors.

stucco inspection

Whether you’re considering buying a home with a stucco exterior or for your recently purchased one, you do have some extra things to consider. If you’re getting ready to buy a stucco house, you want to verify that the finish was properly cared for and maintained. Synthetic stucco requires ongoing maintenance to make sure the finish maintains its durability and seal. You don’t want holes or cracks letting moisture into your walls—potentially causing damage to your home.

At Burgess Inspections, Inc., we offer stucco inspections to home buyers and residents in Henrico County, Chesterfield County, and the surrounding areas. A stucco inspection includes:

  • Thorough wall scan to look for holes or cracks in the exterior.
  • A tiny probe that is inserted into the stucco to check moisture levels both on the interior and exterior stucco walls. (Holes from the probes are then filled with a color-matched sealant.)
  • A detailed report of the condition of your stucco (or EIFS).

The best time of the year to have a stucco inspection is during the summer or fall months, because the weather conditions are more conducive to testing. Our team at Burgess Inspections, Inc. recommends that you get a stucco inspection at least once a year. To schedule your inspection or to add it on to your regular home inspection, contact Burgess Inspections, Inc. at (804) 794-1423.

photo credit: Craftsman House via photopin (license)