Seller/Current Home Owner Inspections

At Burgess Inspections, Inc., we offer complete pre-listing home inspections in Central Virginia and the surrounding areas. You can trust our team to perform in-depth and trustworthy home evaluations. Schedule online now by calling (844) 804-9219.

Pre-Listing Inspections: Know before You Show

Are you ready to sell your home? Our pre-listing inspections will find any existing issues and allow you to make necessary repairs before placing your home on the market. With our home inspection services, we can identify current defects, giving you the time you need to make the necessary repairs. A pre-listing inspection can identify critical issues before listing your home, eliminate any delays during closing, and encourage buyers to purchase your home.

Inspection Services for Current Homeowners

We can inspect all areas of your home – big or small from an entire inspection of all systems including a detail report to an individual systems or area of your home. Our inspection can help identify issues before they result in costly repairs.

Pre-Listing Inspection Richmond VA
  • Move In Inspection
    If you waived your home inspection our Move In Inspection helps protect your investment by identifying existing issues for your to do list and provides helpful maintenance tips.
  • Home Check Up/Maintenance
    We can perform a complete check up of your home to help identify any defects that can be addressed early on before costly repairs are required.
  • Partial Inspections
    We can perform inspections of specific systems or areas of concern (roof, HVAC, crawl space).
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What’s Included?

Roofing, siding, windows, exterior doors, gutters, downspouts, and other exterior structures.

Interior doors, stairs, floors, walls, ceilings, attic, trim, insulation, interior drainage, windows, kitchen appliances, basement, fireplaces, non-cosmetic items, and all interior rooms.

Hot water heater, piping, venting, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks.

Main panel box, main disconnect, all visible wiring, wall outlets, light fixtures, and switches.

Heating units, air conditioning, ducts, room registers, returns, and ventilation.

Garage, driveway, sidewalks, deck, patio, foundation, and crawlspaces.

Your #1 Central Virginia Home Inspection Company

Since 1993, we have been evaluating homes and commercial buildings throughout Virginia, including Richmond, Waynesboro, Staunton, Gloucester, Chesterfield County, and all nearby areas. Take advantage of our specialized inspections such as new construction inspections, radon testing, sewer inspections, and more. Call (844) 804-9219 to schedule your inspection or schedule online now.

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