When it comes to leasing, purchasing, or managing a commercial building in Virginia, exercise your due diligence by ordering a building inspection from Burgess Inspections, Inc. Do not enter a legally binding agreement without taking the proper precautions so you fully understand the condition of the property you will be acquiring. Additionally, we offer home and specialty inspections. Contact us today at (844) 804-9219 to schedule your service.

When to Order a Commercial Building Inspection

The experienced professionals at Burgess are ready to assist with some of the most important decisions you will make in your professional life. Through expert building inspections, we can supply the facts about a building or property, enabling you to make the best possible decision. Contact us for a property inspection.

Commercial Property Inspections in Richmond

  • Triple net lease — When leasing a commercial property, it is common for tenants to sign a triple net lease. It is a wise tenant who understands the importance of ordering a pre-lease building inspection to protect his or her best interests. A triple net lease means that the lessee is solely responsible for any necessary repairs to the building and its components during the term of the lease. Having a property inspector conduct this inspection will allow you to negotiate the best terms possible.
  • Pre-purchase inspection — When considering a building for purchase, always take the time to schedule a building inspection. The experienced eye of one of our professionals could save you future expenses, give you peace of mind, and allow you to make the best offer for your own financial interests.
  • Pre-listing building inspection — When negotiating in the commercial real estate world, be prepared with your best foot forward. Schedule a pre-listing building inspection with Burgess to avoid any unpleasant surprises after your property is already on the market. Don’t make a qualified purchaser think twice about an offer. Reel them in with a building that comes with a clean bill of health.
  • Construction draw inspection — You can trust Burgess for timely property inspections during a commercial building project. We’ll complete a comprehensive report, which allows for the next draw to be approved. Is the project finished? We also offer new-construction inspections so the final draw can be released and the entire project wrapped up.

Request a Commercial Inspection Today!

We’ve inspected all sorts of buildings from office condos to a building with a 5-acre footprint. When it comes to building inspections in Virginia, our experts can handle offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, retail spaces, apartments, and more.

The Property Inspection Process

Every building has unique components for its industry that need to be inspected. The professionals at Burgess have been trained in the Carson Dunlop method of inspection for commercial properties. Our property inspectors will thoroughly inspect the building and its components making note of any necessary repairs or anticipated future repairs. We highly recommend that the buyer or lessee be present during the inspection so that we can point out concerns and answer any questions that may arise. After the inspection, we’ll compile a professional, detailed report with cost estimates and deliver it quickly as we know that timeliness is important in the real estate world.

Don’t risk your financial future on a questionable building. Contact Burgess today at (844) 804-9219 to schedule a building inspection in Richmond. Be sure to check out our helpful resources and reviews for your peace of mind.