With over 30,000 home inspections and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Burgess Inspections, Inc. is an established name in the Virginia area for both residential and commercial inspections. In addition we also offer a host of other services that can be either added on to an inspection or ordered on its own.

As always, after the inspection is completed, we’ll present you with a written report of the results in a timely manner and discuss any necessary remediation measures. Contact us at (844) 804-9219 to schedule an appointment for the inspections listed below.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Before your property is listed on the market, schedule an inspection to uncover hidden surprises that could compromise your home’s sale. Our pre-listing inspections let sellers know the exact condition of the property, so they’re able to get the necessary repairs taken care of — sparing the added headache of having to deal with future disruptions.

Synthetic Stucco Inspections

If you have EIFS, commonly referred to as synthetic stucco, on the exterior of your home, regular maintenance is a must to prevent moisture from compromising the integrity of the structure. Our experts are skilled in the process and proper technique of synthetic stucco inspection and will make any necessary recommendations based on the test results.

Mold Testing

Most people have heard of the problems that mold presents when found in a home or building. Don’t become one of the statistics. If you even suspect that mold may be present, act quickly to prevent a more serious infestation from occurring. Call Burgessinspects.com to schedule mold testing; when the results are ready, we’ll present you with the properly documented findings. If necessary, we’ll recommend the next steps for professional remediation.

Radon Testing

While mold is high on everyone’s awareness list, the topic of radon may not be. Radon is an odorless, invisible gas that is impossible to detect without an air sample test. In this case, what you don’t know can kill you. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Only smoking ranks ahead of it. Call in the professionals at Burgess Inspections to conduct radon testing in your Virginia home or building to ensure everyone’s safety.

Chimney Inspections

A wood burning fireplace may be a must-have for your dream home, but do you know its condition? An inspector can either perform a visual or camera assessment to check for any hazards. When you’re scheduling a residential inspection with Burgess, we can book a chimney inspection with a qualified company in Richmond for you.

Spa and Pool Inspections

Nothing says summer fun like a pool or spa. If you’re considering purchasing a home with one of these water features, be sure to call Burgess Inspections to schedule a pool inspection prior to closing. Being forewarned of any potential issues allows you to better prepare and have the best bargaining chip at the table.

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