Pool and Spa Inspections

When it comes to warm weather recreation, it’s hard to beat the pleasure of a pool or spa. Whether you’re in the market to purchase a new home with a pool or you’re the manager for a local homeowners association, Burgess Inspections, Inc. can handle it all! Contact us at (844) 804-9219 to request a free quote or schedule online now.

Keep Your Pool Running with a Pool Inspection

If Virginia’s scorching summer has you beat, make sure your pool isn’t the one in the neighborhood with the “Closed Due To Repairs” sign on it. Burgess Inspections, Inc. can add a pool inspection service to a pre-purchase home inspection, pre-listing inspection, or new-home inspection. Don’t come up short having to foot the bill for costly repairs after moving into a home. By identifying potential issues early, our inspections can save you time, money, and ensure peace of mind when it comes to your pool’s functionality and ability to provide enjoyment for you and your loved ones.

We’ll evaluate the pool with both function and safety in mind:

Pool Electrical Systems

Pool Enclosure & Gates

Pool Safety Systems

Pool Equipment

Pool/Spa Pumps

Pool/Spa Controls

Pool Heaters

Our Pool Inspection Process

At Burgess Inspections, we understand the importance of a well-functioning and safe pool. That’s why we offer comprehensive pool inspections conducted by our certified professionals. We go beyond a simple visual inspection, providing a detailed assessment of your entire pool system, from the structure and equipment to the water quality and crucial safety features. Our certified pool inspector will follow a comprehensive inspection plan, established by industry standards, to thoroughly evaluate your home’s pool and systems:

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  • Schedule Appointment: Contact our team to conduct a comprehensive inspection of your pool or spa.
  • Structural Examination: We conduct a thorough examination of the pool’s structure, searching for cracks, leaks, or any signs of damage that could threaten its stability.
  • Equipment Inspection: Our technicians perform a comprehensive inspection of your pool equipment, including pumps, filters, and heaters, verifying optimal performance.
  • Safety Features Check: To prioritize your pool’s safety, our inspectors verify compliance with current safety standards by evaluating fencing, ladders, and pool covers.
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Contact Burgess Inspections today to request a free quote by calling (844) 804-9219. You can also conveniently schedule online now for a pool inspection from our professional pool inspectors in Richmond, Gloucester, Harrisonburg, Staunton, West Point, Henrico County, and beyond. Choose from our buyer home inspections, seller home inspections, radon testing, and termite and WDI inspections.

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