Purchasing a home or commercial property is one of the most important decisions to be made in life. It’s common for buyers and lessees to have questions about the process. Burgess Inspections, Inc. is here to help clear up any concerns you may have about a home, commercial, or specialty inspection in Virginia. Feel free to contact us at (844) 804-9219 for more information or read our FAQ section below.

Home inspections provide valuable information to potential buyers and sellers. A thorough inspection of a property and its components will identify defects in the home or building and give you an idea on a timeframe for replacing major items like roofs, siding, and the HVAC system, just to name a few things.

Being forearmed with this information will allow you to negotiate the best terms in your offer — and help decide whether you should even make an offer. Homeowners, property buyers, lessees, and those looking to sell will all benefit from our service. Homeowners will also benefit from this service as a proactive measure to make sure minor problems don’t turn into major ones.

Yes. By all means, we prefer that our clients are present during the inspection if it is possible. This allows us to show you firsthand any defects during the inspection, and it allows you to ask any questions that you may not have thought of previously while touring the home or building. Our home inspectors can also give you valuable information about the systems present in the home and how to care for them.

Our primary goal is to find the major problems that will cost you thousands of dollars, so we spend the majority of our time and energy on these issues. If we see smaller issues, we may point them out as a courtesy, but they are not our priority.

Sometimes smaller issues also aren’t evident until a person lives in a home for a length of time. For example, certain leaks may develop only when the fixture is used on a regular basis. Rest assured, we are thorough in our assessments.

As home inspectors we give what we feel is the best advice concerning the major systems of your home. Contractors who specialize in one area of a home may differ with us on their opinions. It should not come as a surprise that we think the roof will offer more years of service with some minor repairs, while a roofing contractor says to replace the roof.

We pride ourselves on prompt service. After the inspection we will compile your results and issue a detailed report. You should usually have it within one business day of the inspection. View a sample report.

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