What You Need to Know about Stucco Inspections

Stucco Inspection Richmond VAWhen you’re buying a new Richmond, VA, home, you want to take your time and make good decisions. Part of that decision-making process is gathering as much information as you can about a prospective home for you and your family. While most people do a traditional home inspection, you may be questioning whether an additional stucco inspection is really worth the cost. To help you answer that question, let our crew at Burgess Inspections, Inc. tell you a bit more about this type of specialty inspection.

Why is stucco different?

Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is more commonly referred to as “stucco” or “synthetic stucco.” A home with EIFS has multiple layers of material that gives you a unique look and added energy efficiency. Because this finish does so many things for your home (weatherproofing, insulation, and so on), you want to make sure it’s in good condition. We recommend that homeowners get an annual EIFS inspection to stay on top of maintenance needs.

What happens during a stucco inspection?

A quality stucco inspection involves a wall scan and probe method. During this process, the inspector inserts tiny probes in strategic places in the exterior wall. These probes monitor the moisture levels on the surface and interior of the stucco. High moisture levels can cause damage to your EIFS, such as mold, rot, and more. If high levels are detected during the inspection, then you can get ahead of disrepair and correct the problem before it starts.

How do I schedule an EIFS inspection?

A stucco inspection is considered one of our specialty inspection services here at Burgess Inspections. If you’re a home buyer, you will want to add this service on to your traditional home inspection. However if you simply need your annual inspection, you can request a synthetic stucco inspection à la carte. To get started, contact us today at (804) 794-1423.


photo credit: David Prasad via flickr license