Hire a Commercial Property Inspector before You Buy, Sell, or Lease

Investing in a commercial property is a major decision. Your financial livelihood may depend upon this investment, so it is important to be well-informed before making a commitment. At Burgess Inspections, Inc., our team of experienced professionals will inspect the building and its components and make you aware of any necessary repairs. Commercial property inspections are beneficial for lessees, buyers, sellers, and new construction projects.

Commercial Property Inspection

Triple Net Lease

A triple net lease is an agreement in which the lessee assumes responsibility for the real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance fees during the period of occupation. In light of this, a pre-lease inspection is a good idea. An inspection allows you to negotiate the best terms possible and avoid paying for unnecessary repairs.

Pre-purchase Inspection

It is always wise to have a property inspected prior to making a purchase. Our certified inspectors go beyond the surface to find major defects and safety issues. Make your purchase negotiations with a clear picture of the value of the building in order to get the best deal.

Pre-listing Inspection

To sell your building quickly and for the best price, put your best foot forward. A pre-listing inspection lets you repair major issues before your building hits the market. You can confidently sell your property at or above the asking price, knowing that there won’t be any surprises down the road.

Construction Draw Inspection

With new-construction projects, timing is everything. Therefore, at Burgess, we respect your time and will inspect your building promptly and thoroughly. We provide comprehensive reports in a timely manner so the next draw can be approved. And, once construction is finished, we will inspect the project so the final draw can be released and you can wrap up the building project. 

Hire Burgess for Quality, Time-Tested Services

At Burgess Inspections, we take our jobs seriously. As the largest locally owned inspection firm in central Virginia, we provide quality services at competitive rates. Before you buy, sell, or lease a commercial property in Chesterfield or Henrico County, contact us at (844) 804-9219 to schedule a commercial property inspection. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decision possible.