Avoid Hidden Moisture Issues with a Professional EIFS Inspection

Synthetic stucco offers many advantages to homeowners and commercial property owners. The material is renowned for its energy efficiency and appearance. To maintain its integrity, though, synthetic stucco requires routine maintenance. Before buying a property with synthetic stucco cladding, schedule an inspection with Burgess Inspections, Inc. 

Synthetic Stucco Home Inspection

What Is Synthetic Stucco?

Synthetic stucco is also known as “Exterior Insulation and Finish System” or EIFS. EIFS is an exterior wall system consisting of lath, insulation board, a base coat, and a textured protective finish. When properly installed, synthetic stucco provides a solid, seamless, and durable finish.

Benefits of Synthetic Stucco

EIFS has been around since the 1960’s and has greatly improved in recent years. The primary benefits of EIFS are:

  • Energy Efficiency – EIFS reduces air infiltration by as much as 55% compared to brick and wood, and improves the overall insulating capacity of the home. This results in a more stable internal temperature, saving energy and lowering utility expenses. 
  • Durability – EIFS rarely needs painted. Most EIFS systems are coated with an acrylic binder that is resistant to fading, staining, chalking, and discoloration, as well as to mold and mildew growth. Furthermore, EIFS is flexible and therefore resistant to cracks. 
  • Versatile Design – Synthetic stucco resembles stucco or stone cladding. The color choices are limitless, and the coating can be applied in a large variety of textures, shapes, and designs. 
  • Moisture Control – EIFS is nearly impenetrable, making it resistant to moisture intrusion if properly installed and maintained. Modern EIFS systems contain a drainage system to mitigate concerns from leaks.

Downsides to Synthetic Stucco

One of the major problems with older EIFS systems is water retention. Missing flashing, poor quality windows, cracks, and unsealed joints can allow water to penetrate the wall. Because older EIFS systems do not contain drainage systems, the water can become trapped, leading to wood rot and mold issues. To avoid this, property owners must replace missing flashing and seal windows, doors, etc. as needed to prevent water intrusion. 

Schedule an Inspection

Before purchasing a home or commercial property with EIFS, schedule a synthetic stucco inspection with Burgess. Using tiny probes, our professional EIFS inspectors will obtain accurate moisture readings on the surface and interior of the stucco to reveal any areas that need repair. To schedule an inspection, call today at (844) 804-9219 or request a quote now. We serve all of central Virginia, including Richmond, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Staunton, and the surrounding areas.