The inspection is a crucial step in your commercial property investment, sometimes even altering the outcome of the deal. Not only will the property inspection give you some leverage in the negotiation, but it can also give you some insight into necessary future repairs. At Burgess Inspections, Inc., our experts will evaluate the property and provide all of the facts you need to make the best possible decision. If you aren’t sure which type of inspection you need to proceed with your property transaction, follow along with our guide to the five types of commercial inspections we offer.

Commercial Property Inspections

1. General Building Inspections

This inspection will provide you with the details of the property’s condition and its components. A general building inspection will give you the critical details for your negotiation and an assessment of future potential capital investment. 

2. Pre-Lease and Triple Net Lease 

You will need this type of inspection if you are leasing a commercial space. Our certified commercial inspectors will assess all the components you will be responsible for maintaining. 

3. Partial Inspections

If you need a specific component or system inspected within your commercial property, you can opt for a partial inspection. We will deliver the same quality inspection and reporting whether you have a complete inspection or a partial inspection.

4. Environmental Inspections

Do you need a potential environmental risk assessed by a professional? Burgess Inspections, Inc. offers radon testing, mold sampling, or a phase 1 assessment to identify issues that could endanger building occupants.

5. Construction Draw Inspections

A construction draw inspection for your commercial building project will help eliminate the risk to the lender and will ensure that the required progress is completed. The inspector will compare the progression of your project with the construction plans and specifications. 

Schedule Your Commercial Building Inspection

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