One of the least favorable parts of home ownership is the host of small problems that can go undetected until they become very large problems. However, there are some proactive measures that you can take as a homeowner to keep an eye on things below the surface. Burgess Inspections, Inc. can help you protect your family and your investment with a variety of specialty inspections, such as a sewer inspection. We will go over the reasons why every home should have a sewer inspection below.

Sewer Inspection

Why Inspect the Sewer?

Unfortunately, your underground sewer line is not visible to a general home inspector. It requires a specialized evaluation to determine whether there are any failures or blockages within the pipe itself. There could be unknown damage which would eventually lead to costly repairs in the future if it’s not taken care of properly. Burgess Inspections, Inc. can provide you with a detailed assessment of your sewer line with one of our professional sewer line inspections, identifying any problems you might have before it’s too late.

What Could the Inspector Find?

A sewer line camera inspection will ensure that your sewer is free of issues that could lead to a sewer backup and other high-ticket repairs. Our inspections can identify problems such as tree root intrusions, cracks in the line, obstructions in the line, debris in the line, poor water flow, and collapsed or broken pipes. The professionals at Burgess Inspections, Inc. have over 85 years of combined inspection experience and will provide you with the information you need to protect your best interests.

The Sewer Line Inspection Process

The sewer line video inspections at Burgess Inspections, Inc. provide you with a visual record of the interior of your sewer line. We first place a special high-resolution camera on the end of a long hose and insert it into the sewer pipe. Reaching throughout the entire sewer pipe system, the camera will record any defects it may find. Upon completion, we will send you a Sewer Scope Inspection Report that identifies the findings of the inspection.

Request a Quote for Your Inspection

Burgess Inspections will help you make an important decision about your property with one of our inspections, and you can even view a sample report. In addition to our specialty and environmental inspections, we provide commercial property inspections, home buyer inspections, new construction inspections, and more. Contact us today at (844) 804-9219 to request a quote or schedule an appointment. We serve Richmond, Gloucester, West Point, Henrico County, and Chesterfield County, as well as Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Staunton, Waynesboro, and Lexington.